Our Long Experience gives Peace of Mind:
Get your documents notarised properly.

Harry Sim

Our Services

Our Long Experience as NOTARY gives you confidence how to notarise your documents properly i.e we can tell you how to get your documents notarised properly.
  • Our Notary has the Legal Power to Witness and Certify your documents including
  • Issue a Notarial Certificate with Notary Seal
  • Witness your signature and execution of documents
  • Authenticate your execution of documents
  • Certify your documents as true copies of documents
    (Please bring original document and the number of photocopies that you need to certified)
  • Administer Oaths and Affirmations
  • Witness Affidavits and Statutory Declaration
* Note: We can issue the Notarial Certificate for you. It is COMPULSORY UNDER THE LAW for our NOTARY to issue the Notarial Certificate, and for Singapore Academy of Law to legalise / authenticate all documents.