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Our Services

1 - Our Notary HARRY SIM is licensed and appointed by the Singapore Authorities as a

  - HARRY SIM is a Senior lawyer and an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of The
    Republic of Singapore.

  - He is also licensed and appointed by the Singapore Authorities as a COMMISSIONER FOR

2 - Our Notary has the legal power to witness your documents to be used in other
     countries, and if necessary to issue a Notarial Certificate with Notarial Seal.

3 - Our Notary’s signature and Notarial Seal are recognised as authentic in other countries.

4 - Our Notary is able to witness your documents including:-

    (1) witness your signature and execution of documents

    (2) authenticate your execution of documents

    (3) certify your documents as true copies of documents
 (please bring original document and the number of photocopies that you need to be certified)


    (4) administer oaths and affirmations

    (5) witness affidavits and statutory declarations

5 - When you document is signed personally, and witnessed and sealed by our Notary (and if necessary legalised), your document is
     recognised as authentic in other countries.

6 - When the overseas country or party needs the document to be legalised (please check with overseas parties whether needed), a
     Notarial Certificate would be issued and signed by our Notary Public and then further authenticated by the Singapore Authorities
     and the relevant Foreign Embassy in Singapore

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